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metrics and CI are for A students.
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Thoughtbot is no longer supporting this project. We haven’t used Integrity in a while, and report_card is deeply tied to it.

However, we still recommend metric_fu, which has only gotten more robust over the years. You may also want to check out the Hudson metric_fu plugin.


Automatic building and reporting to campfire of metrics with metric_fu through integrity.


  • Generates metric_fu sites for each project and ties them together on one page
  • Notifies campfire of metric stats given that they have changed since the last run


  • integrity v0.1.10
  • metric_fu
  • tinder
  • your favorite webserver


Run: rake grade

Note: It’s probably best to do this on a cron job.

If you’re running private projects, make sure to configure your webserver to block
others from looking at your results. If you’re using Apache to host your report_card
site, here’s what your VirtualHost could look like:

<VirtualHost *:80>
  DocumentRoot /home/ci/report_card/_site

  <DirectoryMatch /home\/ci\/report_card\/_site\/(archive|private|scores)>
    AuthName "Metrics"
    AuthUserFile /home/ci/.htpasswd
    AuthGroupFile /dev/null
    AuthType basic
    require valid-user


Have a config.yml file in your report_card directory with the following info:

# This is the path to integrity's config.yml file.
integrity_config: /home/ci/integrity/config.yml

# Where you want the site to be placed that metric_fu creates
site: /home/ci/report_card/_site

# A regular expression for project names you wish to ignore
# You need to surround this with quotes since YAML is picky
ignore: '[^shoulda]|1\.9'

# The location of your site, for campfire reporting

# Set to true if you would like to skip notifying campfire when metrics have changed
skip_notification: false


Run the test suite with rake.

There’s a cucumber integration test that is run with cucumber. This isn’t exactly fast since it:

  1. Sets up integrity
  2. Adds projects into integrity
  3. Clones them from github
  4. Builds the project’s tests
  5. Runs metric_fu on the project’s tests
  6. Generates the report_card site.

However, it should all pass and work. If not, open up an issue!


To thoughtbot for supporting this project.