Bad news. The server hosting The Ruby Toolbox went bust on the evening of June 7th. While I do have backups, the original source code is in a very outdated state so I currently don't feel it makes sense to try and get it running again.

For the time being, here is a very stripped down version of the Ruby Toolbox's contents.

Update June 13th: I'd like to invite you to join the discussion on the future of the Toolbox on github. You can also get in touch directly on Twitter.

 Score 47.81


Bundler manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many machines, systematically and repeatably

 Rubygem bundler
 Score 1.29


Manages a Cookbook's, or an Application's, Cookbook dependencies

 Rubygem berkshelf
 Score 1.0


A Framework for Bundlers.

 Score 0.36


A simple tool for tracking vendor branches in git.

 Rubygem braid
 Github evilchelu/braid
 Score 0.22


Isolate is a very simple RubyGems sandbox. It provides a way to express and automatically install your project's Gem dependencies.

 Rubygem isolate
 Score 0.2


Bundler for non-Ruby dependencies from Homebrew

 Rubygem brewdler
 Github andrew/brewdler
 Score 0.17


Giternal provides dead-simple management of external git dependencies. It only stores a small bit of metadata, letting you actively develop in any of the repos. Come deploy time, you can easily freeze freeze all the dependencies to particular versions

 Rubygem giternal
 Score 0.16


Piston makes it easy to merge vendor branches into your own repository, without worrying about which revisions were grabbed or not. Piston will also keep your local changes in addition to the remote changes.

 Rubygem piston
 Github francois/piston
 Score 0.12


Add the latest version of a gem to your Gemfile from the command line.

 Rubygem gemrat
 Github DruRly/gemrat
 Score 0.09


Use Ruby gems and mock require statements within RubyMotion applications

 Score 0.03


CheckZilla is a command line tool allowing you to check and be notified of outdated software.

 Rubygem checkzilla
 Score 0.02


Quickly freeze and unfreeze external git dependencies

 Rubygem externals
 Score 0.01

Gem resolver

 Score 0.01


drop in replacement for bundler

 Rubygem bling
 Github terrbear/bling