Bad news. The server hosting The Ruby Toolbox went bust on the evening of June 7th. While I do have backups, the original source code is in a very outdated state so I currently don't feel it makes sense to try and get it running again.

For the time being, here is a very stripped down version of the Ruby Toolbox's contents.

Update June 13th: I'd like to invite you to join the discussion on the future of the Toolbox on github. You can also get in touch directly on Twitter.

 Score 8.22


Simple authorization solution for Rails which is decoupled from user roles. All permissions are stored in a single location.

 Rubygem cancan
 Github ryanb/cancan
 Score 3.67


Object oriented authorization for Rails applications

 Rubygem pundit
 Github elabs/pundit
 Score 3.39


Continuation of the simple authorization solution for Rails which is decoupled from user roles. All permissions are stored in a single location.

 Score 2.16


Very simple Roles library without any authorization enforcement supporting scope on resource objects (instance or class). Supports ActiveRecord and Mongoid ORMs.

 Rubygem rolify

declarative_authorization is a Rails plugin for maintainable authorization based on readable authorization rules.

 Score 0.87


Authority helps you authorize actions in your Rails app. It's ORM-neutral and has very little fancy syntax; just group your models under one or more Authorizer classes and write plain Ruby methods on them.

 Rubygem authority
 Score 0.8


Role-based authorization system for Rails with a concise DSL for securing your Rails application. Acl9 makes it easy to get security right for your app, the access control code sits right in your controller, the syntax is very easy to understand, and acl9 makes it easy to test your access rules.

 Rubygem acl9
 Github be9/acl9
 Score 0.63


Authorization gem for Ruby on Rails with Management Panel

 Rubygem the_role
 Score 0.44


Very simple authorization gem

 Rubygem six
 Github randx/six
 Score 0.37


Ever needed to assign roles to a model, say a User, and build conditional behaviour on top of that? Enter RoleModel -- roles have never been easier! Just declare your roles and you are done. Assigned roles will be stored as a bitmask.

 Score 0.36


Define your permission rules as role- or role group specific permits. Integrates well with multiple Devise user acounts. Includes rules caching. Store permissions in yaml file or key-value store

 Score 0.25


An integrated Authentication, Authorization and Roles solution for your Rails 3 app with support for multiple ORMs

 Rubygem cream
 Score 0.23


Simple permissions that I have used on my last several projects so I figured it was time to abstract and wrap up into something more easily reusable.

 Rubygem canable
 Score 0.22


Comfortable (seriously) white-list security restrictions for models on a field level

 Rubygem protector
 Score 0.2


Aegis is an authorization solution for Ruby on Rails that supports roles and a RESTish, resource-style declaration of permission rules.

 Rubygem aegis
 Github makandra/aegis
 Score 0.17


Easy role authorization in rails

 Rubygem easy_roles
 Score 0.16


A scope-based authorization solution for Ruby on Rails.

 Rubygem consul
 Github makandra/consul
 Score 0.13


Wraps CanCan and RoleModel up to make role based authorisation really easy in Rails 3.x.

 Rubygem canard
 Github james2m/canard
 Score 0.11

Restful acl

A Ruby on Rails plugin that provides fine grained access control to RESTful resources.

 Score 0.09


Allowy provides CanCan-like way of checking permission but doesn't enforce a tight DSL giving you more control

 Rubygem allowy
 Github dnagir/allowy
 Score 0.08


 Github 10to1/roleify
 Score 0.04


Roles solution for active-record-backed Rails 3 applications

 Rubygem roleable
 Github mcrowe/roleable
 Score 0.03


Walruz provides an easy to use DSL to do composition of basic authorization policies to create more complex ones, and then register this composed policies on actions performed to the model begin accessed

 Rubygem walruz
 Github noomii/walruz
 Score 0.02


Trust is a resource oriented framework for authorization control. It is compatible with Rails 3 and 4. It has a loose coupling from the models, and features a native Ruby implementation language. Support for inheritance and namespaced models as well as nested routes. Even permissions scheme supports inheritance.

 Rubygem trust
 Score 0.01


A port of Zend_Acl with modifications made to bring the API more inline with Ruby conventions.

 Rubygem rend-acl
 Score 0.0


An DSL to manage your authorizations and groups of access with CanCan without repeating yourself using as many files you want.

 Rubygem moulin_rouge