Web Servers

Expose HTTP-based services from Ruby. Usually these are used with a rack-based Ruby web framework.

A long-lived project that still receives updates
Puma is a simple, fast, threaded, and highly concurrent HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack applications. Puma is intended for use in both development and production environments. It's great for highly concurrent Ruby implementations such as Rubinius and JRuby as well as as providing process worker support to support CRuby well.
The project is in a healthy, maintained state
A fast HTTP / Websocket Server with built-in Pub/Sub support (with or without Redis), static file support and many other features, optimized for Ruby MRI on Linux / BSD / macOS
No commit activity in last 3 years
No release in over 3 years
Trinidad allows you to run Rails or Rack applications within an embedded Apache Tomcat container. Serves your requests with the elegance of a cat !
A long-lived project that still receives updates
unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve fast clients on low-latency, high-bandwidth connections and take advantage of features in Unix/Unix-like kernels. Slow clients should only be served by placing a reverse proxy capable of fully buffering both the the request and response in between unicorn and slow clients.
A long-lived project that still receives updates
Ruby-Mongrel2 is a complete Ruby connector for Mongrel2[]. This library includes configuration-database ORM classes, a Ruby implementation of the 'm2sh' tool, a configuration DSL for generating config databases in pure Ruby, a Control port interface object, and handler classes for creating applications or higher-level frameworks.
Repository is gone
No release in over 3 years
A small fast HTTP library and server that runs Rails, Camping, Nitro and Iowa apps.